Recruitment-ServicesOur Recruitment Process:

Methodology for Identifying Qualified Candidates:

Finding highly qualified candidates is more difficult than ever before. Every search we conduct is unique and poses a variety of challenges for our recruiting associates. As recruiting professionals with a broad range of experience and expertise we are able to apply innovative techniques to finding strong candidates.

Talent Recruiter follows a strategic approach with a focused team being assigned to each search.

Search Assignment:

In order to conduct a search, we gain a full understanding of the position, the company, the deliverables, the challenge’s and the key stakeholder’s. This is established by an initial client visit and continuous follow-up as we progress through the search. In addition, we offer a Search Navigator, which is a tool to identify unique attributes of the specific search assignment.

Research and Development:

A customized recruiting strategy is developed focusing on identifying and targeting competitors and/or related companies within our client’s industry or companies that are similar in nature.

Through direct recruiting, referrals, networking and a number of internet tools, we target and contact potential candidates with similar background and industry knowledge deemed to be important to the functional role. Once we have connected with the targeted candidates, we develop a qualified short list.

Database Search:

We have our own developed database since 2009 and is an additional source for both identifying candidates and networking.

Applicant Processing:

Potential candidates are evaluated through a six-step qualification process:

Step 1: We approach potential candidates confidentially using a professional presentation. Our client’s name is never released at this time. Interested candidates are qualified over the phone to determine suitability for the job.

Step 2: A résumé is submitted to our office to allow us to gain a more intelligent understanding of the candidate’s formal background.

Step 3: All candidates are required to complete our “Self Evaluation Form”, which is shared with our clients.

Step 4: Suitable candidate are then scheduled for a face-to-face meeting. This meeting focuses on learning the candidate’s accomplishments, career progression and personal motivation as opposed to his/her day-to-day activities while also having the opportunity to evaluate their presentation skills. At this time, the candidate signs a “CANDIDATE CONSENT FORM”, in accordance with the Government requirements and to be compliant with PIPEDA (Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act).

Step 5: After meeting a candidate, we complete a Candidate Profile for the client to have a full understanding on all parts of their current compensation and explanation for current & previous moves. This is an important for full disclosure and reducing surprises at offer time.

Step 6: In order to verify our interpretation of an individual’s background and progression, one reference check is completed for each candidate prior to the interview with our client.

Representation & Scheduling Interviews:

Upon completion of our detailed qualifying process, our team will evaluate and represent a short list of the top 2 – 4 candidates. At this time, our clients will receive full documentation: Résumé, Self-Evaluation Form, Lovell & Associates overview as well as 1 initial completed reference check. Based on this presentation, interviews will be scheduled.

Interview Follow-up & 360° Feedback:

After every interview, the candidate contacts our office immediately with feedback. Our team conducts a thorough de-briefing to establish their impressions, interest level, and overall enthusiasm for the job and company. We then connect with our client to get feedback and share the candidate’s impressions. The information provided by both parties allows us to identify the fit, connectivity and areas to address in order to keep the process streamlined.


All candidates that are represented by our company are extensively referenced. Our Reference Report has been developed using a “Client Survey” and from the material of some of North America’s top recruiters. The Report focuses on such things as the candidate’s technical ability, work habits and interaction with co-workers and/or customers. Additional questions (re: specific skills needed, or in question) can be added upon request of the client.

References provided by the candidate are verified to be work related and we generally target 3 previous managers. We provide one reference check prior to the candidate’s first interview, with generally two additional references as the process continues. Clients are encouraged to verify the information provided in references.

Offer Preparation:

Once the final interview takes place, we will establish exactly what it will take to have our candidate accept an offer from our client. We will endeavour to ensure a formal offer not be presented unless we are comfortable it will be accepted.

Placement Follow-up:

After the candidate has been hired, we will continue to follow-up with both our client and the candidate for the term of the guarantee and beyond. This helps to keep all parties informed of the satisfaction of choices made and allows for any concerns to be addressed early.

Account Reporting/Tracking:

Verbal updates regarding the progress of a search are given on a weekly basis.

Client Cooperation:

  • Our recruiting and evaluation process is very extensive. In order for this to be a successful relationship between the client and our firm the following cooperation is necessary:
  • To ensure commitment from both parties on a search, we expect exclusivity for a mutually agreed time period
  • Immediate feedback must be given following an interview
  • Open and honest communication lines must exist – example: if a candidate is ruled out, we must know why to allow us to refine our search and to keep our candidates completely informed.

Success Stories:

Client reference letters speak volumes about our business relationships and success. These letters are available for review in a client visit.